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Cosmetic dentistry involves using tooth coloured materials to add onto and adjust teeth that may be undesirable due to their shaping, sizing and whether they have stains or old fillings.

  • Composites  composites are a very cost effective option of restoration and come in a variety of colours with increasing ability to mimic/reflect the tooth’s natural shade in the restoration.
  • Porcelains –  Porcelains generally have higher aesthetic value than the composites. Alumina porcelains are often used for the front teeth and are more translucent. Zirconia porcelains are stronger but less translucent and often used on back teeth and implants.


Veneers are thin tooth coloured porcelain  (ceramic) shells crafted to bond to and cover the front teeth. This is usually done in circumstances where the teeth need to be improved aesthetically or to strengthen the remaining underlying tooth if it has been compromised. Porcelain usually has a greater degree of translucency than composites mimicking natural teeth better however costing a few times more than composites.


Bleaching teeth that are undesirable to the patient is a very simple process.

There are two separate methods, in chair bleaching and at– home bleaching

In Chair bleaching takes about an hour sitting in the dental chair. This process can take two to three appointments depending on what shade of colour the patient is wishing to progress to.

At home bleaching

– Moulds are taken of the patient.

– clear retainers similar to  thin mouthguards are then made to fit perfectly to the teeth.

– They are then issued to the patient along with whitening gel and instructions.

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