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Here at Newport Dental, new patients are always welcome and that includes the little ones.

Pediatric dentistry can be very important to ensure that children start learning and developing healthy habits from a young age as this can be critical in reducing the amount o dental issues they can have throughout life.

Teaching them how to brush properly and keep their oral hygiene high is very important but being able to prevent, correct issues and bad habits and monitor their growth and development can allow the dentist to evaluate them regularly and provide the best treatment for them at the correct age.

With treating issues at the proper stage the growth of the child can be used to benefit the treatment progress and stop issues such as narrow arches and mouth breathing before they do to much damage to the patient. Doing so, patients that have tendencies to have orthodontics issues including under bites, treatment can be started and the manipulative growing bone can allow for very easy and quick treatment compared to when the growing has ceased.

Preventive treatment can also consist o doing small but very simple and non invasive procedures such as Preventive resin restorations on permanent molar teeth that have deep fiches and pits. These can usually be simply covered over by a tooth  coloured material to reduced the amount of sugars and bacteria that collect in the top of the adult molars.